Building Ibator from Source

All Ibator distributions include source code. The only compile time dependency Ibator has is on ant.jar - for successful compilation of the included Ant task. It is straight forward to compile Ibator from source - simply unzip the source in an Ibator distribution and compile it with your favorite tool.

The Ibator distribution does not contain the tests that are run during the build, or other classes that are a necessary part of the build. If you would like to inspect those classes, or build Ibator from the very latest version of the source code at Apache then follow these steps:

  1. Do a SubVersion checkout of the Ibator source tree from the location (You may use any SubVersion client you prefer. We recommend TortoiseSVN.)
  2. The build file ony requires that the JAVA_HOME environment variable be defined. If it is not already defined on your system, then modify the file ../build/setupCmdLine.bat to specify the proper values on your machine.
  3. Run the Ant build script by running the batch file ../build/build.bat from the checked out directory.