The <classPathEntry> Element

The <classPathEntry> element is used to add classpath locations to the classpath of the Ibator run. The <classPathEntry> element is an option child element of the <ibatorConfiguration> element. Ibator loads classes from these locations in these instances:

This element is optional and is not required if you setup the classpath externally to Ibator (e.g. with the -cp argument of the java command

Important Note: these locations are NOT used when loading classes that extend one of Ibator's classes or implement one of Ibator's interfaces. In those cases you must add your external classes to the runtime classpath in the same way you add Ibator to the classpath (e.g. with the -cp argument of the java command).

Required Attributes

Attribute Description
location The full path name of a JAR/ZIP file to add to the classpath, or a directory to add to the classpath.

Optional Attributes


Child Elements



This element specifies the location of a DB2 JDBC driver:

<classPathEntry location="/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/java/" />