Interface RowHandler

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public interface RowHandler

Event handler for row by row processing.

The RowHandler interface is used by the SqlMapSession.queryWithRowHandler() method. Generally a RowHandler implementation will perform some row-by-row processing logic in cases where there are too many rows to efficiently load into memory.


 sqlMap.queryWithRowHandler ("findAllEmployees", null, new MyRowHandler()));

Method Summary
 void handleRow(java.lang.Object valueObject)
          Handles a single row of a result set.

Method Detail


public void handleRow(java.lang.Object valueObject)
Handles a single row of a result set.

This method will be called for each row in a result set. For each row the result map will be applied to build the value object, which is then passed in as the valueObject parameter.

valueObject - The object representing a single row from the query.
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